The Automata Archive | The Screenshots

Mel welcomes contributions to build up this archive, seeing as there are a load of gaps in his personal collection, particularly the pre-1982 material.

The mono screens are below-left are from Mel's own Sinclair ZX81 games, each cramming as much idiocy as possible into 1K of memory. Adjacent to that, the colour screens were ZX Spectrum releases, and feature a work by various writers published under the Automata banner, along with Mel's own stuff such as Pimania and Groucho. And down at the bottom we have screengrabs from Mel's Deus Ex Machina, released those few short years after the entire video games industry began, as the world's first interactive movie.

left: mono screengrabs - 1977 to 1982 | right: colour screengrabs - 1982 to 1985


Deus Ex Machina screengrabs, 1984