Consultancy & Corporate | Client List

"This is a representational client listing from the time I chucked in being an architect way back in the 1970s. The list includes some of my greatest hits, plus a couple of brave near misses, but it doesn't include all those who have asked to remain anonymous - mostly authors, musicians and so-called celebrities. The list is alphabetical.

I have tended to take work from people I like, which may not be the best way to run a business but it's not a bad way to have spent a lot of my time. As for the others - well, they have included the good, the bad and the downright ugly, but I've always tried to stick to what I believe in along the way. And as Groucho said, these are my principles, and if you don't like them I have others.

It's interesting that although I have been commissioned by a number of agents and managers whose clients are listed below, it turns out that the bigger their status the more personal it is, and direct dealings with the likes of Prince, Eminem and the Zappas of this world turn out to be the most enjoyable of all."

31 Bond Street Creation of viral marketing videos for crime fiction author. 2009 to date
Agent Research Literary agent website. Rest In Peace, dear Bill. 1998 - 2011
AGTA Association of Greek Cypriot Travel Agents, copywriting and marketing. 2008 - 2012
Alan Bennett Author and playwright, internet asset protection. 1999
Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen comic persona, global internet asset audit. 2000
Annabel Shaw Creations Guerilla campaign for women's fashion and accessories. 2007 to date
Anne Widdecombe Author, politician and panto dame, internet asset protection.
Aram Designer furniture and interiors, website creation and promotion. 2008 - 2013
Armchair TV Consultant to tv gameshow company. 2008 - 2013
Authentics Contemporary designs website, copywriting and promotion. 2011 to date
Barons Auctions Original website for people with more money than sense. 1997
Bass Breweries Viral marketing, video games and human-beer interfaces. 1995 - 1999
Beverly Swerling Creation, promotion and management of American author website. 2006 to date
Big Tree Productions Consultant to independent film and television production company. 2008 - 2009
Birmingham Midshires Creation, copywriting and marketing launch of building society website. 1995
Blooming Marvellous original ecommerce website, maternity wear 2001 - 2003
British Airways Design, creation and marketing of multimedia travel guides.
1978 - 1981
Bryan Adams Rock star audit, multimedia strategic report. 2000
Catatonia Popular music combo, internet asset and piracy audit. 2000
Catherine Leyreloup Royal Academician website creation, promotion and ecommerce. 2008 to date
Cesaria Evora Website for the barefoot diva of Cape Verde. 2005
Charles Rich Consulting Website relaunch and promotion for construction consultants. 2008 to date
Clive James Author, poet and broadcaster, internet asset protection.
CollectValue Copywriting and launch of social network site for compulsive collectors.
2007 - 2014
David Benedictus Design, copywriting and management of author's electronic existence. 2005 to date
Dennis Publishing Supplier of cartoon strips, columns and in-depth features. 1987 to date
Dido Internet asset audit and recovery for million-seller pop singer. 2001
Douglas Software Promotion of photographic website 2005 -2011
Duracell Global viral marketing campaign, video game and data harvesting. 1994
Eminem Global online revenue audit and policy strategy for rap artist. 2004 - 2005
Emmanuel Legeard Consultant, website production and SEO for olympic athelete training. 2014 to date
Ernest Jones High Street jewellers, internet asset audit and consultancy. 2003
Europress Software Sound effects library & (ahem ... award-winning) computer manuals. 1985 - 1993
Evian Promotional website for overpriced bottled spring water. 2005
Finspreads Strategic analysis and audit for spread betting capitalists. 2006
Furneaux Riddall Design and creation of multi-language website for electrical goods. 2002
Genesis Global internet asset audit for supergroup. 2000
Greek Islands Club SEO for travel and holiday website. 2010 to date
Hobsons Online marketing consultant for voice agency. 2011 to date
Hollywood Bowl Website design and promotion for leisure centres. 1999 - 2001
HRSAC Website creation and promotion for a car bodyshop and a smile. 2007 - 2013
Joanna Trollope  Author, internet asset protection. 2000
John Piper Online design and management for financial consultant. 2007 to date
Julian Clary Celebrity internet asset audit and recovery. 2003
Keison Products Industrial website creation and management. Thanks Ian. 1986 - 2002
KitKat - Nestlé Concept & production of global viral marketing campaign. 1996
Kwei Quartey Crime fiction author, website creation and promotion. 2007 to date
La Roche-Posay Concept and graphics for a websitewith spots. 2006
La Toya Jackson Website creation & management  for helium-powered pop diva.. 2001 - 2003
Love Like A Dog Design and management of author website - and her dog. 2010 - 2015
Michael Goddart Design and promotion of author website. Yeah, well ... 2010 - 2011
MintTwist Consultant to strategic internet agency. 2007 - 2011
Motorhead Hunter Website promotion for the son of a chum. 2007 - 2011
New Theatre Royal Design and promotion of theatre website. 2006 - 2012
Nicholas Parsons Creation and management of the online life of a national treasure. 1998 to date
Northamptonshire SANDS Website for Stillborn and Neonatal Death charity 2009 to date
Norwich Union Design and consultancy, building society website 1995 - 1996
Outside Line Consultancy, celebrities agency. 2003
P&O Ferries Ecommerce consultancy and internet asset audit. 2000
Paul Merton Comedian and presenter, internet asset recovery. 2000 - 2003
Peer Group Partnerships Database-driven social network for senior citizens. 2004 - 2006
Peters Fraser Dunlop Consultancy for literary agency. 2001 - 2003
Peugeot Promotional websites and interactive routines. 2006 - 2008
Phil Collins Pop star, internet asset audit and strategic report. 2000
Picture Palace Films Creation and management of film/tv website. 1997 to date
Pilot Pens Original website creation and promotion. 1997 to date
Pink Floyd Internet asset audit, report and consultancy. 2000
Portsmouth City Council Interactive tourist guides. 1979 - 1980
Prince Superstar, internet audit and domain recovery. 2002 - 2003
Propos French dance association, indulgent website. 2002
Protect Your Ideas Online marketing consultant - in development. 2015 to date
Quicks Consultant, Jubilee office supplies web marketing. 1999 - 2001
Radio Victory Interactive radio pub quiz, with broadcast computer game code. 1977 - 1981
Rebel Heart Original tv/film website creation. 2000 - 2006
Robert Plant Led Zeppelin internet audit and report. 2000
Roger McGough Poet, broadcaster, internet asset security 1999
Ron Geesin Consultant for musician and Pink Floyd collaborator website 2005 to date
Sally Nicoll Creation & marketing of thriller author website and promotional video. 2006 to date
Sharpe Film Ltd Creation & management of film/tv website for Bernard Cornwell hero. 2006 to date
Signet Group plc Consultant for world leader jewellers, even though they can't spell. 2004
Simply Singers Voice agency for singers, marketing, promotion and website. 20013 to date
Sixteen47 Original big-girls-blouse website creation for Dawn French 2001 - 2003
Ski Morzine Original website creation for Alpine resort. 1998
Solent People’s Theatre Concept and design of theatre company website, subsequently hijacked. 2007 - 2013
Solstice Consulting Strategic and marketing consultant. 1999 - 2006
Southsea Association Local community network, website and consultants. 2014 to date
Status Quo Rock band, internet asset audit and report. 2002
Stephen Edwards Gallery Artist, website design and promotion. 2017 to date
Stephen Wolfram Computer theoretician and author. 20011-2012
StuffTrack Flash player site, French musician community. 2007 to date
Sunvil Holidays Copywriting for the interesting bits of the planet. 2008 to date
Suzuki Marine Suzuki original website creation and promotion. 2000 - 2002
The English Tourist Board Creation and production of multimedia visitor guides. 1979 - 1982
The Lord's Taverners Original website creation for children’s charity. 1998 - 2000
Theodore Gray TV presenter and author of Mad Science. 2012-2013
The Next Chapter Original website creation and social network. 2004
The Piano Teacher Design and promotion of music website 2010 - 2014
The Poet Laureate Internet asset security.
The Research Council Website promotion, strategic analysis and intranet consultant. 2001 - 2005
Tony Hawks Internet asset security.
Trident Blinds Consultacy & marketing of database-driven website. 1998 - 2012
U2 Just another rock band, global internet asset audit. 2000
Uncle Ernie's System Horse-racing website creation and management. 1998 to date
Van Morrison Rock star, internet asset audit and report. 2000
Vidal Sassoon Hairdresser and philanthopist, original multi-language website. 1998
Vintage Thames Charters SEO for boat charter website. 2010 to date
Walking In Stilettos SEO of style website, me old Chyna. 2010 to date
Wiltshire Rape Support website creation and management 2005 - 2014
Xeroids Viral marketing computer games. 2000
Zappa Family Trust Frank Zappa, global audit and fanbase outreach. 2002 - 2004