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Mel Croucher will exchange the services listed on this page for reasonable amounts of money. He will consider reduced fees, at-cost projects and pro bono work for causes he likes, ethical campaigns and charities he supports. He does not deal with outfits who don't pay the tax they should, religious or military organisations or their suppliers.

The best way to get the ball rolling is to use the contact form below, and your enquiry will be delivered to Mel direct.


A popular and widely respected journalist, Mel provides features for publication in print, electronic media and broadcasts, to inform, educate and entertain. He is best known for writing on new media and social comment, often from a satirical or provocative angle, and has written regular magazine columns since the 1980s.


There's nothing Mel likes better than taking a load of impenetrable waffle and making it accessible, enjoyable and fit for public consumption. Popular commissions include award-winning computer manuals, global marketing narratives, and more advertising copy than you can shake a snake at.

Brands and Marketing

Mel's list of brands, corporates and celebrity clients is second to none, and his campaigns have always been at the cutting edge of innovation and imagination. Viral marketing campaigns include branded videogames, screensavers and interactive trailers. If you need a very discrete and highly accurate competitor analysis, online asset audit or internet marketing battleplan, you will be in capable hands and excellent company.

Mel In The Flesh

Mel in the flesh? It all depends on the event and the venue. He has rented himself out for lectures, presentations, conventions and shows, usually for absurd money plus travel and expenses. But if he's flogging his latest book or album to an unsuspecting public then you can unashamedly haggle.

Mel Croucher