Consultancy & Corporate | The Mel Croucher Collective

"Here's a list of people who have helped me produce my stuff down the years. To the colleagues who make it happen, the friends who donate their time, the business partners who join in the ventures, the hirelings who are underpaid, the quick and the dead. Thank you all."

Paul Andrews - publisher
Jas Austin - pierced programmer
Donna Bailey - singer
Mark Bardell - scribbler, best man
David Benedictus - author, broadcaster, tipster
James Benn - ideologist, idealist
Stainless Blythe - co-conspiritor
Marcus Burden - graphic designer, programmer
Kate Cameron-Daum - researcher
Nicola and Anthony Caulfield - film makers
Clem Chambers - entrepreneur
Jonathan Golden-Ears Cook - record producer
Paul Cooper - exile
Rod Cousens - video game hero
Jackie Croucher - reality checker
Ian Dury - lyricist and musician
Robin Evans - artist, cartoonist, lifelong colleague
John Farndon - eccentric dancer
Oliver and Franco Frey - publishers
Ricky Foyle - graphic designer, programmer
Peter Higgins - brand marketing
Thibault Jaillon - enthusiast
Rosalie Jackson - editrix and adventurer
Keith Jameson - accountant
Karl Jeffery - the Voice of Reason
Colin Jones - game creator, Welsh Wizard
Julie Jones - tightrope walker
Marianne Jones - business liaison
Roger Kean - publisher
Toby Kendrick - enigma cracker
Graeme Kidd - editor with honour
Jane Laidlaw - online asset protection
Ted Lee - music publisher
Carl Leighton-Pope - agent to the stars
Hamish Pringle - Director General IPA
Catherine Leyreloup - Royal Academician
Tiago Loureiro - project leader
Neil Masters - internet stuff
Jolyon Maugham QC - litigation avoidance
Shena Mitchell - business midwife
Bernard Moran - Uncle Ernie impersonator
Pete Newberry - games programmer
Ian Nickson - midnight rambler
Nicholas Parsons - national treasure
Christian Penfold - the PiMan
Jon Pertwee - actor and co-author
Craig Pierce - programmer
John Piper - financial supremo
Beverly Martin - author
Bill Martin - publishing consultant
Matthias and Tanya Rich - mythical creatures
Kelli Richards - digital media innovator
Geoff Roberts - photographer
Karen Ross - breadcrumb trail
Claire Sambrook - webby stuff
Andrew Mark Sewell - producer
Andrew Stagg - programmer, Boy Wonder
Mario Valente - producer and standard-bearer
John Wain - frontman
Dick Whiter - accountant
Chyna Whyne - new talent ambassador
Daniella Woodyatt - PR Legend
Miranda Worley - client handler
Carol Ann Wright - Lady Claire Sinclive
Karen Wylie - specialist adhesion artificer