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So, tell us Mel, how did it all begin ... "Well, it was as big as a bus and as daft as a brush. I could walk about inside it and feel the heat of its valves, and watch those grubby little punch-cards confuse the hell out of it. After six months I taught it to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I remember thinking what a bloody waste of time this computing stuff is, and I'd be better off being a musician, or a cartoonist or maybe an architect. Because they get paid to muck about. " Mel started out as an architect, which was a mistake. In 1969, the Architect's Journal awarded him a scholarship that got him as far as Stockholm, where he designed tensile structures to cover sports arenas. The most ambitious thing he ever did was the Mary Rose Pavilion, for Henry VIII's flagship in Portsmouth Naval Base. That was 1973. Then after a couple of years architecting in the desert, he chucked it in.
Mel's corporate history is summed up in this little box on your screen. His personal history is available in a book called Deus Ex Machina: The Best Game You Never Played In Your Life and you are welcome to download the first chunk of it for free if you CLICK HERE, then feel enthused to buy the whole thing HERE.

Partner, Pioneer Design, Stockholm (1970-71) - designers of hyperbolic paraboloid tensile structures.
Architect, Sir William Halcrow & Partners (1975-77) - builder of desert follies for Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai.
Managing Director, Automata Ltd. (1977-1985) - creators of video games, cult, myth, legend, multi-media, radio and magazines.
CEO, Mel Croucher Ltd. (1984-1988) - new media and video game consultants.
Partner, Adware (1988-1993) - new media and branding consultants.
CEO, Adware Interactive Marketing Ltd. (1993-98) - producers of branded new media.
CEO, Advanced Interactive Marketing Ltd. (1997-2000) - producers of yet more branded new media.
Managing Director, Millennium Secure Technologies Ltd. (1999-2001) - scaremongers.
Chairman, Ltd. (2000-2007) - online consultants to celebrity authors, musicians and performers.
Founder, (2000 to date) - online consultants to corporates, celebrities and civilians.
CEO, Automata Source Ltd (2012-2016) - creators of video games.
Founding Director, Jeeni Ltd (2018 to date) - JEENI streaming entertainment