Mel Croucher | Galleries and Comic Strips

"Of all the collaborators I've worked with over the years, there has only been one continuous and unbroken creative partnership, and that's with the cartoonist and graphic artist Robin Evans. We have been working together to entertain a bemused public since 1980, and in this Galleries & Comic Strips part of the website you'll find most of our published work, along with some behind-the-scenes material. Hope you like it as much as we do.

By the way, if you're looking for all the PiMan cartoons from the back pages of Popular Computing Weekly, I think they count as advertising, not proper comic strips. So I've asked for them all to be included in the Automata Archive bit of this website."

The Great Moments In Computing comic strip has been going for four decades. In other words, there's so much material it has to go in a section on its own.

Mel's Graphic Novels and Serials have all been produced in collaboration with Robin as self-contained stories, usually published monthly in various magazines. These include:
The Adventures Of Willi Nilli
Rebel Of Year Zero
Frozen Stiffs

Robin and Mel's Cartoon Heroines are all here too, including:
Mercy Dash
Lydia Vineo
Tamara Knight.

As for all the full-colour artwork and illustrations, you'll find them in Magazine Graphics.

You are very welcome to view, copy and plunder whatever you like for private use. But if you intend to publish anything for commercial or academic purposes then please ask permission first. There's a contact form on the Home page. Thanks.