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In March 1988, a strip cartoon appeared on the back page of a new monthly magazine called Computer Shopper, commissioned by Graeme Kidd and published by Felix Dennis. The strip was scribbled and scripted by Mel Croucher and then painstakingly drawn by Robin Evans, and it was called Great Moments In Computing. Month after month it has allowed Mel to lampoon the industry in which he has played a small part, and bite the hand that feeds him.

"Much to the surprise of Robin and me, we have never missed a deadline and Great Moments In Computing is still going strong all these years later as the UK's longest running magazine cartoon strip. Meanwhile, here's a selection of some favourite Great Moments below. If some of these jokes seem old, that's because they are old, but if you check out the dates I think you'll find we made them first. I'm sad how precient we were when it comes to some of our blacker predictions, where farce has turned out to be tragedy. There's a fair bit of toilet humour too, for which we make no apologies, and we also take great delight in repeating our Issue 1 cartoon strip every 100 issues, and wait for the editors to cotton on."

Great Moments from the TWO THOUSAND AND TEENS

Great Moments from the NOUGHTEES

Great Moments from the 1990s

Great Moments from the 1980s