Mel Croucher | Magazine Graphics

"This is a selection of graphics that has accompanied my magazine work. Most of my pieces been have been illustrated as ever by Robin Evans. We always use the same standard procedure: I give him a synopsis of what I'm writing with a detailed brief of how I want the illustration to look, and he then ignores my instructions and comes up with something else. This works just fine.

The other most regular illustrator is David Simonds, one of the country's leading political cartoonists. That's his work in the Rants & Raves panel below."

Magazine Graphics | Without Prejudice

Without Prejudice is a series of short bits of humour, originally published in newsprint, and later adopted by a glossy or two. Mel intends to publish the entire collection in book format, when he can be arsed. These are some of the original illustrations that appeared in The Truth comedy magazine.

Magazine Graphics | Rants & Raves

Mel's Rants & Raves column is currently published monthly by Dennis Publishing online and in print. For years it boasted art panels running across at least half a page, but in recent years Mel is sadly reduced to a pocket cartoon showing either a a ranty face or a ravy face.