Mel Croucher | Music and Video

"Here in the twenty-first century, cobbling videos and making music feels like cheating. I have every instrument I could never play embedded in software. Every editing tool I need at the touch of a button. Every effect I want with a virtual twiddle of a virtual knob. It's great here in the future. Getting rid of bum notes used to mean taking a razor blade to an infected reel of half-inch tape, and repairing the scar with sticky tape. And there were a lot of bum notes and a lot of scars."

For an update on the new releases click HERE. For a discography of all the singles and albums inflicted on the public so far, click HERE. There's some background and old photos of the early musical stuff right HERE. And there is a ragbag of videos on Me's YouTube channel, including a few trailers and promos for clients, all HERE.