Mel Croucher | Shop

"This part of the website is where I pimp and ponce myself in the hope you will exchange money for my emissions. Time was when I would sell surreal video games, provocative books and idiosyncratic music to folk in the flesh, and there may be one or two items still on offer where we can deal direct. But it's all about instant gratification now, where I try and reach a global audience via the electronic shelves of tax-dodging multinationals, because you demand stuff delivered at the click of a button. Either way, welcome to this virtual shop, where you can make me happy, or vice versa."

Where possible, we have provided one-click links to buy material that's commercially available online. Some items, like the apps, are free. The books and music are available from nearly all the main online suppliers, and there's a rag-bag of material by other people where Mel features. You are very welcome to explore and enjoy everything on offer.